Sorry About the Delay.

Created: 06/02/16 10:00

    I would like to apologize for how long it took me to create the first animation for Knights of Fellwood, [Fly]. For those who don't know I asked on the suggestion page if you wanted me to animate Gwena flying around the town last Thursday. At the time I thought I would be able to easily finish it over the weekend while I was at the beach. I severely overestimated my ability with Flash and even more severely overestimated the capabilities of the device I had with me at the beach. Then when I got home from the beach on Monday I started working again and realized that the vision I had for the project wasn't realistic for my skill level. So starting Tuesday morning I rethought the project and made it simpler. So again, I am sorry it took so long. Normal updates will resume tomorrow and to make up for the delay I will be posting a mini-comic, hopefully sometime over the weekend, and if you haven't already, go check out [Fly]. I am really proud of the way it came out.